Yeah, I know.

I know I haven't posted for almost two weeks now. I know, I know. I'm a bad, bad person. But here now is a new entry.

Ah, ah, October! It's my favorite time of the year! Yay! October's here! My favorite month! Football's in full swing, the MLB Playoffs are set to start, my birthday's in 27 days, halloween's in 30 days, Goldfinger's in 4 and 16 days, WOOHOO!!!!! Lot's of concerts this month, check them out here.

The Save the Lazer movement is in full swing. We're trying to organize a concert with a bunch of local bands and hopefully quite a few national acts. I've contacted the manager of the Pilfers an awesome ska band out of NYC that just put out a new album and are coming to town this month. There's talk of Everclear and/or Ben Folds Five. It'll be cool if we can pull it off.

It seems I'm going to play football with my girlfriend and a bunch of democrats vs. a bunch of republicans on Sunday. That's going to be interesting.

Ben thinks I don't fully speak my mind here because I know that my friends are going to read it. I don't do that too much. Not conciously anyway. I don't know, maybe I should fully speak my mind. My only fear is that I'd say something about one of my friends that they didn't want anyone else to know, one of their friends or co-workers stumbles on my page and boom - that friend doesn't like me anymore. Plus, they're all jumping on the online journal bandwagon, and if I post something juicy about them here, they'll just post something about me on their site. I know Rodney would do so, and once Ben gets his site up and going, I'm sure he would too. I don't think I really have that much to hide, but if I can't remember something that they do, it'll suck. For example, it's not widely known that my number is 59 because the first time I went to a strip club, I spent $59. There, that's out in the open. I mean, it's not that I want to just jump out and talk shit on my friends, but if it happens to concern the topic at hand, I don't think I'm going to gloss anymore. Thanks, Ben! You helped me open up! Now, you'd better hope I don't ever have any reason to talk about Katie here. HA HA!

I really need to shave.

Rodney, Megahn, Deandra and I are going to Ensign tonight. That should be cool. Then we're going back to El Rancho (which, by the way, is the new official name of my, Theryn, Karen, and Ben's place) to drink and watch the G. I. Joe Movie! I think there's something I'm supposed to do tomorrow, but I can't remember what. I think it starts around 3pm. Shit, what the hell?

Ben and I rented Madden 2000 last night. We started playing it, I stopped him on his first drive and on the ensuing punt, I ran it back for a touchdown. This apparently prompted him to get into one of his moody fits, and he played like a little bitch. Getting penalties on purpose, running offsides, running on 3rd and long, etc. I hate it when he gets like that. I understand that it's frustrating to lose, but it's no fun for anyone if you just give up and start acting like a little bitch. At least I have the decency to shut the game off on Rodney when I'm losing at hockey. I'm a little bitch for it, but at least I try until the last second.

This is a nice computer, here in the Budig Computer lab. The only problem is the monitor is wobbly so it's kind of making me get motion sickness.

By the way, since I'm being so open now, Theryn and I had some really great sex last night!

"Too much information!"

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