Whattya know about that...

Well, would you look at that. It's been two weeks since I last updated. Hold on a second while I go back and re-read what I wrote on the sixth, so I'll know where to start this.

Oh. Well. Shit. I'm going to have two entries in a row talking about Goldfinger shows. Cool!

Okay, I'll start with the Frogpond show on the 8th. We (Theryn, Rodney, Ben, Deandra and myself) got to the Bottleneck early and sat outside. While we're sitting there I notice that Justine and Heidi drive by a couple times. Then I see Justine walking towards us.

Justine: What're you doing?

Me: Waiting

The Goddess of Bass: For what?

Humble Punker: You.

Then she gave us free stickers and talked to us for about 15 mintues about their tour, the Lazer, and all kinds of crazy stuff. It was so cool! I love it when bands are accessable to their fans. A while later we get in, wait through the two opening bands (both were pretty good), and then Frogpond gets on stage and kicks ass. There's always this drunk white trash guy at the Frogpond shows and he really pisses me off. He needs to learn to keep his hands to himself. We did get to see Rick and Elizabeth, the Frogpond couple, so that was cool. Afterwards we went to Perkins and got some okay food and some bad service, but the night was overall pretty cool.

Let's see... what happened between the Frogpond show and the second Goldfinger? Oh yeah! Saturday night Jenny, Theryn, Rodney, the Templin Revolution guys, and some damn hippie all stood on the corner of 10th and Mass and held up signs protesting the new Lazer. The Lazer guys were down the street at 7th Heaven doing a remote from there, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to protest. Many people bought shirts and we got a lot of noise made from our "Honk if you hate the new Lazer" signs. It was pretty sweet.

Then on Sunday morning, I got up at about 11:45 because we (Rodney, Jacque, and me) were going to leave for St. Louis at noon. It didn't work like that, and we were on our way out of town at 1. The drive wasn't too bad, and we arrived in St. Louis around 5. We're driving around trying to find the Firehouse, where the show is, and all of the sudden we go from a ritzy part of town to a part of town where we see a car up on blocks, a building that's been gutted, and another building that's got a gigantic hole in the side of it. And to top it all of, the next street we come to is "Compton Ave.". We flipped out. It was all for naught, for three streets over and a block up we found the place.

We parked right in front of Goldfinger's bus, and in the process Rodney hit the car in front of us. He just tapped it, but we all felt pretty stupid. We hop out and get in line... for about an hour and a half. While we're standing there, Rodney tries to find a place to pee, and fails. Then we see Goldfinger on their bus. Then the drunk frat boys behind us start singing Bloodhound Gang songs... badly. And I get to see the final minute of the Broncos-Packers game on a huge screen, looking through the window of a bar.

Once we finally get in, we marvel at how small the place is, get our merch (including Darrin's CD), and get our place by the stage. Some band from Chicago called Alister played a couple songs, then the Hippos rocked the house, and then it was time for... the Bloodhound Gang. They suck.

Goldfinger finally takes the stage and we're ready to rock. Rodney had written "Play 'I'm Down'" on my head before they got on stage, in the hopes that they would see it and at least acknowledge it. They didn't. Oh well. Goldfinger kicks more ass every time I see them, and this was my seventh (7th) time! Some guy grabbed Charlie's strings during one of the first songs and man did Charlie get pissed! He's the Reaper, man! Don't fuck with the Reaper! Charlie was so mad he stopped playing and at one point during the next song he smashed the head of his guitar into his amp and left this huge dent in it.

When a stage diver got on stage a second time, security was kicking them off and making them go back around to the pit. John and Charlie didn't realize this, and so at one point they got fed up and ran off stage. They came back and everything had been explained to them, so it was cool. They played their version of "Feel Like Makin' Love", and during one of their songs the Hippos ran out on stage and played the horns. It was so fucking cool. John jumped off a 15' high amp into the crowd and landed on Rodney's head. And Charlie stage dived into me! Yeah!

After the show we hung out and got to talk to John. We all got a picture with him and I told him we were the people who saw them in Topeka and said we were coming out for this show. And you know what? He remembered us!!! I then told him that this show was my birthday present from Rodney and he said "When's your birthday?", so I told him and then


I got Darrin to sign my copy of his CD and got a picture with him, and then we drove home. We stopped at Denny's and ate, and the waitress was cool. We rolled into town around 5am and I was up at 9 to go to work. It was well worth it, though!

I have other stuff to say, but I have class in 20 minutes, so I'll just do an addendum to this later.

I like Reese's Pieces!

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