Okay, I know I had some interesting things to write yesterday, but now that it's a day later, I can't remember them. So here some different stuff.

Yesterday was supposed to be the grand release of the Petition for Modern Rock. We did present the petition to the Lazer, but only five people showed up - James (the guy who started the petition), Theryn, Rodney, Jenny, and myself. Nobody else was there. We did get on Fox 4 news, the local news, and in the local paper, though. And god dammit, I was going to have a small version of the picture that was in the paper be at the top of this entry, but I can't fucking get it to work. I've done everything right, but it just doesn't want to work. So, maybe it'll work if I tell you to click here to view it. I guess it's just an Internet Direct thing, because that one probably doesn't work, but this one probably does. And what do you fucking know about that, the picture at the top works now too. Man, Internet Direct pisses me off sometimes. Anyway, it was pretty cool to be a part of that, and it'll still be cool on Saturday when we all (yeah, right) gather at the KU vs. MU football game where the Zimmer brothers are supposed to be in attendance. We're going to hold up signs and wear our t-shirts, and maybe we'll get some more press.

Oh! I remember what I was going to write about now! Although I know online journals can be a place for you to write about your problems, vent your anger, or whatever... it's become stupid within my group of friends. Instead of talking to the person who you have a problem with, they've been posting it on their "journals". All it amounts to is a bunch of people whining instead of confronting the people they have a problem with. I know, you're saying that I'm doing the exact same thing right here. Perhaps, but it wasn't my intent when I started this thing back in... what was it, August of '98? I've said some zany, crazy, stupid, bitchy, half-brained things, but I didn't sit down and say "Hey! This would be a good opportunity to let everyone who pisses me off that they piss me off and I won't have to do that whole icky talking thing!". And I guess sometimes I get a little self-righteous. Hell, even my girlfriend has told me that I am. But I'm also right about some things. I know I'm not right all the time, and I know I sometimes act like I'm right all the time, but my friends have often said to me "Boy, you were right! I wish I'd have listened to you in the first place!". So, I'm not all bad, and I totally had a direction I was going with this, but I went off the track and have ended up here, with no point, and looking like an idiot.

Did you know that they introduced Reese's Pieces on September 7, 1978? Or that on October 10, 1983 Reese's Pieces peanut candies were introduced? And then in May of 1985, they discontinued them? I can image why. If you've ever had Reese's Pieces (they're my downfall), you can imagine how disgusting they'd be if there were a peanut inside. Yuck.

On the drive home from St. Louis, Jacque was asleep in the back seat and Rodney and I were trying to stay awake. We decided to play a word game, but it failed, so we played "Name a girl you'd like to have sex with". Now that's what I call a game. It definitely kept us awake. We should play that at my birthday party when we're all drunk. HA! Or not.

My co-workers are taking me to lunch on my birthday. Joanne told me to pick the place, but I had no idea where to go, so I asked my friends. Ben came up with the best idea "Go to Freestate. Get yourself a beer.". It'll be cool. I can finally go to get drinks with my co-workers.

I'm 21 in 7 days.

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