"I used to be twenty..."

Yay! I'm twenty-one!!! Okay, I'm a little excited. At the stroke of midnight night before last, we (Jacque, Theryn and I) were at a local bar called the Replay Lounge. You can't get in there after nine if you're under 21, so that was the first cool thing. The guy at the door looked at my license, smirked, gave it back to me, and I handed him my dollar cover and was in. Jacque bought my drinks that night, starting with a kamakazi shot and a beer. Kamakazi shots are good! Jacque told the bartender that it was my 21st birthday and he said he'd buy me a Mind Eraser. I thought he was kidding, but then a minute later it was sitting on the bar in front of me. I hesitated for a minute, but thought "What the hell?" and downed it. It was actually pretty good. Nasty going down, but left a good aftertaste. The beer wasn't all that, but I don't really care for most beers anyway. I really liked the kamakazi shot, so Jacque and I had another. Then I finished my beer and got a Vodka Sour. It was mighty yummy. By that time I was feeling very warm. Jacque finished her second Guinness, and we left. Our cars were three blocks away, so I got to walk downtown intoxicated for the first time. Rodney and Deandra were driving around and saw us, they stopped and talked for a few minutes and then it was off to the car so I could go home and sleep.

Got up at 10:30 the next morning and was at work around 11 (And no, I wasn't hung over.). About 11:45, my co-workers took me to lunch. We went to Free State Brewery, and I think I had a Wheat State Golden. Whatever it was, it was pretty good. A few hours after we got back to work, my mom showed up with a birthday cake. That was pretty cool.

And then after work Jerry, my step-father, took me to get a drink at Old Chicago. I asked for a Vodka Sour and was asked for my i.d. I love Vodka Sours. After that Theryn and I went to a dinner murder mystery put on by The Repertory Theater of America. It was called "Bubba's Killer Sauce". I'd never been to anything like it before, but I fully enjoyed myself.

Didn't do much after that, just went home and screwed around. Watched the Simpsons, kicked Ben's ass at football, and went to bed. Tonight, however, the fun begins! Tonight is my party, and hopefully a lot of people show up and hopefully it goes well. I have to take my first trip to the liquor store today. And go to the grocery store. And clean up our house. And organize my cds. And hide my Playstation. No, I don't trust my friends.

I'm kidding!

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