This is the Anti-Song

Argh! I cannot WAIT until Tuesday night!!!!!! GOLDFINGER!!!!! And SHOWOFF!!!! And the Hippos and Bloodhound Gang, but GOLDFINGER!!!!!!!

Yeah, so I learned tonight that my grandmother almost died last night. I dont' really want to go into detail, but right now she's in icu, and on a colostomy bag. She should be okay, though. I'm not as worried as I feel I should be. And that sucks, because I've always been so close to my grandmother. Whether or not god exists doesn't matter to me right now. I'm praying for my grandmother.

On a happier note, I went to the Ensign show on Friday night. Rodney and I got in for free because he's on the Nitro Records Street Team. The list was "Rodney Skaggs + 1". So, I kept introducing myself as "Anjuan" - you know, like a slur of "and one". Let me tell you, this show was awesome!!!!! I'd never seen them live before, and never been to a hardcore show before either. This was straight-edge too, so it was even more impressive. All these straight-edge kids moshing more violently then any mosh pit I've ever seen - but this was different. In this pit, everyone was smiling! I've never seen that before. Everyone there was having a good time! I was very impressed. I was also impressed with Ensign. They've got a great stage presence. And so if I ever get any expendible money, I'm going to buy their cd. I'm borrowing it from Rodney right now, and it's just what I've been looking for. I've always wanted a cd that kicked ass when I needed ass kicked, but until now, I hadn't found it. Deftones are good, but they slow it down sometimes. Ensign kicks ass the entire time. I'd suggest this to Ben for those after work times when he needs release... but he would probably decline. Oh, and after the show as we're walking out after having handed out free Ensign stickers, the bass player yelled "Hey Anjuan!". I was like "Hey, that's me...". We turned around and talked to him and it was damned cool. When I introduced myself to him earlier I didn't know he was the bass player. So it was especially cool.

Speaking of Ben, he doesn't like Guttermouth's Gorgeous. What's up with that? He likes Friendly People, and Gorgeous is a return to the anger of that album. I think it has partly to do with the "Con Especial" song. His first impression of that was that it was "mean". And yet, he likes Friendly People. Hmmm... Rodney knows the point I'm making, so maybe he can help figure this out. Rodney?

I had a dream about Jenni from JenniCam last night. One of the images I saw(while awake) said at the bottom that she was gone to get her laptop cam and five new digital cameras for around the house. So, in my dream, I'm talking to her and I ask her how the new cams are working out. She doesn't know what I'm talking about so I have to explain that I saw that image that I saw, and she was like "oh yeah..." and that's it. I suppose I could/should have put that on my dreams page, but oh well.

I played in that football game today, Young Dems vs. College Republicans. It was awesome! I love playing football! I was on defense and only got one good tackle, but it was still cool. It was flag football, but I saw the trendy republican fucker running towards me with the ball, so I figured if I wrap him up I'll stop him and be able to grab his flag. So, I wrap him up, and realize I forgot to account for his momentum. We go backwards, I roll, and pull his flag off. Then I'm on the ground and put my hands up in time to push away a foot that was about to land on my face. It was so cool!!!!!!! Deandra said it looked pretty damned cool from the sidelines too.

So, um, the Broncos are 0-4. I really need to get used to losing again. Until two years ago, I was really used to it. It was a common thing. But to have only lost 6 games in the last two years did in no way prepare me to start 0-4 without Elway. I always said he was a big part, but not the only part to the Broncos success... but I'm beginning to rethink that. Griese's just got to get some more experience, because the opposing defense is pressuring him extra so that we have to use the run, but they're taking out the run too, forcing us to pass, and Griese just is no Elway. This is starting to look like it's going to be a long season. On the plus side, San Diego beat Kansas City 21-14! Gotta love a Chiefs loss! Oh, and KU won another one finally! And at homecoming no less!

Goldfinger in 2 days!

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