Giving it my all at number six.

The GOLDFINGER concert was yesterday. It was so fucking awesome!! Okay, so we (Rodney, Theryn, Deandra, Ben, Broc[Rodney's little brother], and myself) get to Center Stage, a venue we've never been to before and probably won't be again, and we're standing outside waiting to get in and we look around the corner and there's JOHN FELDMAN getting into the backseat of a car and driving away! We were like, DUDE! THERE'S JOHN! Anyway, we get inside, and see that like five to ten feet away from the stage, aka the mosh pit area, there's this big metal hand railing. What a great thing to have where there's going to be a pit. The Hippos take the stage and are through three songs when they're told they can play one or two more songs. That would suck, to be up on stage playing and then get your set cut short. Oh well, they were pretty cool live.

Next was Showoff, who kick ass. They played a little bit longer than the Hippos, and had more energy. Then they left the stage and we thought we were going to have to sit... stand through the Bloodhound Gang's set, which sucked because none of us really like the BHG live. Some guy comes out on stage and tapes down a set list and we look at it and it suddenly dawns on us that it's Goldfinger's set list! They're next! Yay! Right before they get on stage, some guy comes on and says "No crowd surfing or moshing!", and they had things posted on the stage saying the same thing. Goldfinger comes on, and starts into "Questions" and the place goes fucking wild. I mean, Rodney and I went ape-shit. There was the usual push towards the stage and then fighting to move. One arm stays down to fight off the people around you, the other goes up in the air to give the metal sign |,,| and to protect against crowd surfers. After a couple of songs, they take a breather and John says "If anyone gets kicked out of here for moshing or crowd surfing, we'll play a show at... the fucking park across the street! This is your show, this is your stage, have a good time!" which gets a loud roar from the crowd and then another song starts and the craziness resumes.

I threw caution to the wind and moshed my fucking heart out. I went crazy. We hadn't seen Goldfinger since Iowa, and I wasn't going to let this opportunity to release stress go to waste. At one point, a stage diver jumped on me and I was helping him surf when I looked up and was like "Hey, I recognize that tattoo..." and then I realized that JOHN FELDMAN HAD JUMPED ON ME!!!!! Rodney, standing in front of me, heard me say "HOLY SHIT!", and then when we'd put John back on stage I couldn't get over the fact that JOHN FELDMAN HAD JUST JUMPED ON ME!!!!!

I left the pit a couple of times to catch my breath, but I was right back in there a few moments later. At one point Charlie took a moment to talk about Fred Phelps and about what and evil man Phelps is, which got the crowd cheering yet again. Then, on the next to last song, John said "Let's see how many fucking people we can get on this stage! Come on!". Rodney, myself, and some other people took the easy way and went up the stairs on the side of the stage. I'm dancin' around and I get pushed and I almost fell into the drum set! I just kept thinking "NO! NO NO NO! I don't want to be the guy to ruin this!". So with arms flailing, a friendly guy grabbed me and with wide eyes nodded at me and said "That would have sucked!". Oh, yeah, while in the pit, I ran into a guy I knew from high school, Eric Hoopengarder(sp?). Anyway, dancin' around on stage, I patted Charlie on the back and gave Darrin the metal sign. And I'm lookin' around for Deandra to pull her up or something, and there's Theryn! It was so cool! Then some asshole started trying to push everyone off the stage and one of the roadies tried to stop him and the damn hippie started getting violent. I hate hippies. Then the song was over and we got off stage.

After the Goldfinger set, we all went over the the merch booth and sitting there was the Hippos on one end and Dangerous Darrin on the other. I went over to Darrin and got his autograph and my crew followed - Deandra got her shoe signed - and I asked him what was up with his cd and he said he hadn't got any yet but he'd have them by the end of the week. After we'd all gotten our stuff we went outside to see if the rest of the band was outside, and sure enough, there was Kelly playin' football with the Showoff guys, and Darrin. We talked to Darrin a bit more and Ben pokes me and says "Look over there..." and I turn around and there's JOHN FELDMAN coming out of his bus!!!! So we all rush over there, get his autograph and I say "We went to Iowa to see you guys!", to which he replies "That's cool... I don't know where you live so I don't know how far that is for you, but that's cool...". I was like, "Oh, we live in Lawrence so it's a good 5 hours to where you played... and we're coming to see you in St. Louis, a 3-4 hour drive!". He says "That's cool, don't die on the way there, we need all the people we can get!". Then we shook his hand and he asked if anyone else wanted an autograph and then went back into the bus. It was so fucking cool! Then we went to Denny's for bad service, cold food, but really really good raspberry iced tea. After that, we went home. It was awesome!

I am so exhausted. I left everything out in the mosh pit. I've got bruises on places I didn't even know I had. My thumb joint hurts. What's up with that? But it was well worth it, and I'm fully looking forward to St. Louis.

On a totally different subject, you know what I find really beautiful? What makes me wish I had a camera? When you're outside on a warm day, or walking down the halls in Budig or where ever and you see a girl curled up with her backpack, asleep. I don't know why, but that just is such an amazing sight. I wish I could just stand there and watch them sleep, but that'd look weird if someone walked by or they woke up. Yeah, so I'm weird. I think we already covered that.

Frogpond in 2 days, my birthday in 22 days!

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