How To Ruin A Radio Station by the Zimmer Corporation

All you have to do is change it to a Top 40 format in a listening area that has about 10 Top 40 stations already. That's what Zimmer did to my beloved radio station, KLZR 105.9 the Lazer. I should have seen it coming with the new cheesy bumpers and the impending redesign of their web page. They go from playing Goldfinger, Blink 182, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit, and a whole bunch of other cool "modern rock" bands to playing NSync, Madonna, and Will Smith. It's just sad. I've not talked to anyone that's happy about it, and I'm not guessing there are many of those people around. Most people who listen to that music probably already have a favorite radio station and aren't going to switch to the Lazer just because the Lazer wants them to. Oh well, maybe they'll see the error of their ways and return to us our radio station.

I broke a tooth two weekends ago, and when I went to the dentist to have it looked at, I was in hell. I hate the dentist. I hate the dentist so much that it's become a phobia. Then he said it was a wisdom tooth and he'd just take it out. At that point I was pretty freaked out. So, he's injecting my mouth with the drugs to make it numb and it hurts and the nurse is all saying "Just relax... you're doing fine, just relax...". I'm thinking "You fucking relax, bitch! Let's see how relaxed you'd be with a five inch needle shoved up the roof of your mouth!" Then the procedure took place and they told me "You're going to feel a lot of pressure here" and it felt like they were trying to rip my head off. I kept picturing the dentist standing up and putting his foot on my chest to brace himself while he pulled the tooth out. While he's doing this, I'm nearly having a panic attack. It was so awful. I hate the dentist! And I have to go back on the 12th to have a full x-ray and cleaning so that they can tell me what other tortures they're going to put me through. I know already that I've got one tooth that's got a real bad cavity and he said it might even need a root canal. Great. Whatever he does to it, he'd better fucking knock me out. Otherwise I might die of a heart attack right there in the dentists chair.

You know, I can't figure Rodney out. Before Deandra he was always saying "I want a girlfriend!". And now that he's got one, he's finding faults and being stupid about it. He's got what he wants and now he's not so sure he wants it. What the fuck is that about?

Happy 19 month anniversary to my girlfriend. I love you, Theryn.

Boy, it's been a long time since I updated. What's happened between now and the 2nd? I think I've covered the major stuff. Ben's birthday is in eight days. I'm renting the clubhouse over at my mom's place again for him. At 20 bucks a pop, I'm sayin' "Happy birthday, Ben!".

Oh yeah! The NFL season started on Sunday. Four games were decided in the last seconds - a record. I love football. I don't love watching my Broncos lose to Miami at Mile High, but that's what I did last night. Everyone's blaming Griese, but he didn't have anything to do with it. It was the defense that lost the game. The Broncos defense allowed something like 24 ppg last season, which was okay - we had an offense led by John Elway that manufactured something like 34 ppg. That isn't the case anymore. Griese's good, but he's no John Elway and you can't expect him to come in there and score 34 points every game. The defense is going to have to step up and make the plays, or this is going to be one rough season.

"Might as well jump."

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