Everybody POLKA!

Well, yesterday I went to Office Depot with Rodney to buy an ink cartridge (thanks, Jew. You'll get your money soon) and when we came out of the building, there in front of us was a rainbow. A full rainbow. We could see it from one side to the other. My response was "Well, I'll be god damned!". It was funny. You had to be there. I'd never seen a full rainbow before, like, in real life. It was cool.

And now, for the lack of something better to do and for trying to be like Pamie, here's Stee's survey!

1.Would you rather look gorgeous and be retarded, or look retarded and be a genius?

I think I'd rather be a retarded genius... wait, is that even possible?

2.If you could bitchslap one actor/actress, who would it be?

Actor: Mike Meyers, for coming up with that god awful Austin Powers character. Actress: Pamela Anderson, just because she needs it.

3.If you could bitchslap one musician, who would it be?

Ricky Martin.

4.If you could bitchslap one relative, who would it be?

My aunt, by marriage, Bonnie

5.If you had to make-out with one relative, who would it be?

Um, what kind of question is this? That's actually kind of sick. I know Ben's answer, though. HA HA! Anyway, I guess if I had to answer this, I'd say my Beth, my aunt by marriage. Well, not anymore, since my Uncle Lupe divorced her, but damn she was cute!

6.You see a spider on your wall, what do you do?


7.Washing your privates in the shower: the lean or the fast hand-oí-water transfer?

I guess I do the lean, since I don't know what the hand-o'-water transfer is...

8.David Blaine or David Copperfield?

Who the hell is David Blaine? I'd probably say Copperfield anyway.

9.You need to do laundry desperately, do you wear dirty underwear or no underwear?

I'd go commando.

10.Julia Roberts: growing more and more beautiful, or more and more odd-looking?

I wouldn't say she's growing more and more beautiful, but she is attractive in a weird sort of way.

11.Favorite cussword / phrase?

Beats the shit out of me. Ow! Ow! Now I'm pooping!

12.Letterman or Leno?

Letterman, of course.

13.Scientologists: quietly creepy or totally wacko?

Totally wacko.

14.Siegfried or Roy?


15.What do you desire sexually that youíre too embarrassed to ever request? Ummmmm... I can't really think of anything. I wouldn't be too embarrassed to ask Theryn to do anything.

16.Maria Conchita Alonso or Rae Dawn Chong?

Rae Dawn Chong

17.Gayest cartoon character: Mickey Mouse or Christopher Robin?

Christopher Robin

18.Youíre depressed: do you drink, cover your pain with humor, or take it out on the person closest to you?

Nope, but Rodney does; yes; and sometimes.

19.Favorite Sutherland: Kiefer or Donald?

Kiefer. Definitely Kiefer.

20.Favorite Corey: Haim, Feldman, or Hart?

Who's Corey Hart? Anyway, you can't have Haim without Feldman or vice versa. If you do, they're annoying. They've got an amazing chemistry together.

21.Mary-Kate or Ashley?

Kill 'em both.

22.Do you spend a lot of time surfing the Net because youíre scared of people, or because people are scared of you?

People are scared of me because I spend a lot of time surfing the net.

23.What do you sing instead of "pompatus of love" in Steve Millerís "The Joker"?

I don't. I saw the movie, now I sing it right. Though, I rarely hear that song.

24.Best bets in a "death pool" (pick 3): Andy Dick, Robert Downey Jr., Nell Carter, ex-Pogue Shane McGowan, Ronald Reagan, rock group Hanson, Salman Rushdie, Bob Hope, John Popper, Scott Weiland, Mr. T, golfer John Daly, or that girl from Blossom?

Downey Jr, Bob Hope and John Popper. Drugs, age, weight.

25.Itís 4pm, your husband calls from work to say heís bringing his boss over for dinner! What do you prepare?

First, I wonder where Theryn is and why I married a guy. Second, well, there wouldn't be a second because I'd be stuck trying to figure out the first.

26.Is a dart board really such a bad wedding gift?

No, not at all! *hint hint*

27.Your ass or your elbow?

I don't know exactly what's being asked here...

28.Favorite Wu-Tang Clansman?

Method Man?

29.Will Billy Idol ever make a successful comeback?

I agree with Pamie on this one - If Adam Sandler can't give you a come back, no one can.

30.Letís just say youíre walking home drunk very late from a bar in Madison, Wisconsin last week and you see a hundred dollar bill on the ground so you pick it up. A minute later, a very anxious-looking hippie comes by, searching all over the street for something, muttering about "not being able to pay rent". Are you like totally going to hell if you kept the money, planning to spend it at a titty bar in Vegas this weekend?

I keep the damn money and I tell the hippie to get a fucking haircut and to take a bath! Damn hippies.

Oh, one more thing!


Send Ben a happy birthday email!

"You unoriginal bastard!"

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