Music is a big part of my life. I've been to a lot of shows. Here's a list of the shows I've attended.

The List

BandsVenue and Date My Story
Lollapalooza '94 featuring Smashing Pumpkins, Beastie Boys, the Breeders, George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars, A Tribe Called Quest, L7, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and the Boredoms. Sandstone Ampitheatre in Bonner Springs, KS. July 11, 1994. This was my first show. Avery's parents drove him and me to Sandstone, since neither of us were old enough to drive ourselves. I had my license, but had only had it for a while. We got there as the Boredoms were finishing their set. We had lawn seats, so we couldn't see very well, and at the time neither him nor I were the get-up-and-wander-around types, so we sat there all day. Beastie Boys were awesome. Found out a few years later that Nirvana was supposed to be headlining this show, but Kurt made his first suicide attempt before the tour started. *sigh*. This was also where I first smelled marijuana. It becomes easily recognizable once someone tells you what you're smelling.
Everclear the End, Compact Discs and Tapes (RIP). April 12, 1995. Yes, that's right, a concert in a record store. It was a free show promoting Sparkle and Fade. It was also Art's birthday. Avery and I went to this one together too. It was cool. No one had really heard of them, and the Lazer was giving "Fire Maple Song" heavy rotation, so much so that people started noticing them. And look at Everclear now... Anyway, they thank the Lazer in Sparkle and Fade and in their new album too.
Elastica w/ Loud Lucy The University of Kansas Union Ballroom. October 26, 1995 Again, I went to this show with Avery. It was awesome. We were right up against the stage, and... damn. This was my first "big" show... the type you go specifically to see one band. I enjoyed myself immensely, and I'm glad that Elastica got off of their pretty little asses and kicked out a new record! Show Flyer
Natalie Merchant w/ The Innocence Mission Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS. December 1, 1995. Oh jesus, what can I say about this? I was in the front row (Section A, Row A, Seat 6), and had a blast. I had never heard the Innocence Mission, but I liked them. So much so, I went out and bought one of their albums. Natalie was amazing! She danced and twirled, like she is known to do, and I sat and smiled. She's such an amazing woman. The crowd was a bitch though. When there was a lull in the music you could hear thousands of conversations going on, and the smoke! I, stupidly, put my jacket under my seat, and beer got spilled on it. And I swear to god, the girl that was four seats down from me was an exact Shirley Manson look-alike. And I almost forgot that Ben was there too. He had a front row seat too... in the balcony. 'Twas his father that picked us up from the show, and my mother who drove us.
311 w/ No Doubt, and the Urge Sandstone Ampitheatre. June 8, 1996. To this show, I went with my sister and her roommate, Sara. We had seats, but they were WAY in back. It was a good show, what I saw of it anyway. There was a cross-dresser a few seats down from us. Yep, this is where I saw my first cross-dresser. And I smelled marijuana again.
Warped Tour '96 featuring Fishbone, Face to Face, Deftones,Pennywise, Guttermouth, Unwritten Law, Goldfinger, NOFX, Red5, Alcoholiks, CIV and others. Sandstone Ampitheatre. July 16, 1996. Oh my god. I would die if this line up toured again. Unfortunately, when I went to this show, I hadn't ever really heard much punk rock. This is the show that opened my eyes. Rodney and I went to this show, for he had won tickets. We went really early and waited in a line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot. While we were waiting this rastafarian looking guy was all walkin' up to cars and asking if they'd take him to Kinkos. He came to our car, it was Rodney's Honda (I miss that car), and asked us. We were timid high schoolers, and we hesitated. Rodney told him something like "My grandmother wouldn't like that." So the guy goes to the car next to us and to a cop. No luck. We figured, if he asked the cop for a ride, he couldn't be planning to kill someone, which is what we thought. We thought he'd kill us. We finally agreed to take him, in exchange for backstage passes. So we go and try to find a Kinkos. No such luck. So we go into Wal-Mart, thinking "It's Wal-Mart, they've got to have a copy machine." Again we were foiled in our attempt to make copies. One of the employees of fabulous Wal-Mart told us to go to the video store. We did, and sure enough, there was a copy machine. So the guy goes in and Rodney and I stay outside and wait for him. The whole time we were thinking he was going to kill us. So anyway, he gets back in the car, and we drive back. As we approach the entrance he says "Keep going, let's go in the 'VIP Entrance'". I look at Rodney, he looks at me, we both silently scream. This guy is going to kill us now. But he didn't. It turns out that his name is Alexis and he's like the head promotion guy for the Surf Rider Foundation. And we got VIP parking, went into the show through the back of the stage and had all access backstage passes. It was awesome. Too bad we didn't really know any of the bands. If it happened to us now, we'd soil ourselves.
Everclear w/ Tracy Bonham, 7 Year Bitch, and Spacehog Sandstone Ampitheatre. July 26, 1996. I went with Avery and Ben to this show. I think it's the first and only show where I was with Avery and Ben and not Rodney. Avery and Ben is an odd combination. Anyway, the show was awesome except for Spacehog. They played their two or three good songs, then proceeded to suck. Everclear is always awesome when they're near Lawrence because after Portland, we can claim we discovered them. Rodney was at this show, but this was prior to our hanging out outside of school. Besides, we had seat seats and he had lawn. I also found out, a little less than two years later, that Theryn was at this show. She, however, got violently ill and missed Everclear's performance. She's missed them a record seven times. Bad luck she has with Everclear. And she did finally get to see them - and it was the worst performance I've seen them do.
Jayhawk Music Festival featuring the Violent Femmes, the Urge, Poe, MU330, Danger Bob, Self, Sister 7, Fly Bop Sky, and Shag. Clinton Lake State Park in Lawrence, KS. August 25, 1996. Aw yeah! This was an awesome experience! It was me and Ben, basically, and after wandering around looking for and talking to friends, it was time for Poe. We got right up front, and she crowd surfed! She literally jumped on me! It was awesome!!! I touched Poe. And this was yet another show at which my future wife was in attendance.
311 w/ the Urge the ExpoCentre in Topeka, KS. September 24, 1996. Of the two times I've seen 311, this one was the worst. That's not bad tho, for it was a good concert, it's just that I was late getting my ticket, so I had to sit in the balcony. I went with Chuck and Graham. They had floor tickets. Anyway, the highlight of this experience was watching the four girls a few rows ahead of me, who couldn't have been more than 16, roll a joint with a dollar bill. I smelled marijuana again.
Weezer w/ Superdrag the Granada Theatre in Lawrence, KS. November 11, 1996. Chuck and I went to this show, and it was cool. I went in not knowing who was opening, but was pleasantly surprised. After the show we were out back, hoping to maybe get an autograph, when the lead singer of Weezer walked by mumbling about his sweater. We asked for his autograph and he walked on mumbling "Yeah, yeah, good to see you, where's my sweater?"
Luscious Jackson w/ the Josephine Wiggs Experience the Granada Theatre. November 22, 1996. I had my tickets for this show when I heard that the Suicide Machines were playing with the Descendents the same night. If I ran into this problem today, I'd choose the Descendents and Suicide Machines, but back then I went ahead and went to this show. Kick ass show, met a really cool chica. After the show I was out back, got Josephine Wiggs to sign my ticket stub, and got the drummer and the keyboardist's autographs. Saw the lead singer, she said someone had stolen her purse. She and Gabby ran to the bus while Vivian signed stuff. I was wearing black fingernail polish at the time and Vivian said she liked it. One of my few claims to fame - Vivian Trimble liked my fingernail polish.
Goldfinger w/ Reel Big Fish, Nuclear Family, and the Skeletones the Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS. January 17, 1997. This was one of the greatest shows to which I've ever been. I was with Rodney, and I think it was just we two. Anyway, it was the first time we heard Reel Big Fish. He bought the CD the next day. It took me a while to warm to them, but I finally did. Goldfinger puts on such kick ass shows! I don't really remember much about this show, possibly due to the fact that I was high on caffeine pills, but other than it was an awesome performance. And it was my first show at the Bottleneck. Show Flyer
Guttermouth w/ the Jaycocks and Assorted Jellybeans the Bottleneck. January 28, 1997. I don't care what anyone else says, Guttermouth is awesome. Show Flyer
Face to Face w/ the VooDoo Glow Skulls, Powerman 5000, and Esoteric Liberty Hall in Lawrence, KS. February 25, 1997. Show Flyer
Jewel w/ the Rugburns Memorial Hall. March 22, 1997. I went to this show with Ben. We had second row, center tickets. As far as seating goes, this was even better than the Natalie show. I was sort of on the side at Nat, but here we were right in the middle. Jewel was a few feet away from us. The Rugburns are fucking cool too.
Decendents w/ Guttermouth, Bubble Boys, Less Than Jake, and Handsome Liberty Hall. May 26, 1997. So, we get there late and miss some of the Bubble Boys. I wish we had missed Handsome. They sucked really bad. Less Than Jake was good, except for the crowd. It was one of those, let's-go-in-the-pit-and-hit-people-with-closed-fists type of crowds. So, after about ten minutes of that, I bailed and just watched the show. LTJ brought this big huge fat guy on stage and convinced him to drop his pants. Yeah, great. Then Guttermouth was like "Fuck that, we're gonna have naked chicks on our stage". And they did. Like four or five women went up there and took their shirts off. It was... it was really fucking cool. Good show too. Show Flyer
Reel Big Fish w/ Nerf Herder and Animal Chin the Bottleneck. June 6, 1997. Show Flyer
Lilith Fair featuring Sarah Mclachlan, Tracy Bonham, Fiona Apple, Paula Cole, Mary Chapin Carpenter. Sandstone Ampitheatre. July 14, 1997. I was disappointed when I found out that Natalie Merchant wouldn't be playing with Lilith when it came around here. So much so that I decided not to go. But then, as he has a knack for doing, Rodney won tickets. He didn't want them, so he gave them to me and Ben. So, we went. I mean, how could we pass up seeing this awesome line-up as well as all the beautiful women that attend this show? This is the third show at which I was unaware that my future wife was in attendance. And I'm pretty sure I smelled marijuana again.
Warped Tour '97 featuring featuring Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Descendents, Pennywise, the Gadjits, Reel Big Fish, Sugar Ray, 22 Jacks, Sick Of It All, and many more. Bircham Park in Lawrence, KS. July 15, 1997. I was hella stoked about this one. Rodney and I had been looking forward to another Warped Tour. We had agreed that where ever it came around us, we would go. We thought up until about a month before, that we'd have to be going to St. Louis, or at least KC. Then a friend of ours who works for Pipeline Productions, told us that they'd gotten the Warped Tour to come to Lawrence. We said hello to Alexis again, for he was there again with Surf Rider. We didn't recognize him at first, because he had his hair in his hat. We were all "Hey... do you know a guy that worked this booth last year named Alexis?" He was all "I'm Alexis". It was cool. Yeah. We went, it was awesome, it's coming back. Woohoo! Theryn was working at the Gatorade booth at this show. I drank so much Gatorade that day... She had to have served me at least once. Weird.
Goldfinger w/ Save Ferris and Kara's Flowers the Bottleneck. October 9, 1997 Goldfinger rules, but the highlight of this show - Monique. "...all eyes are on me." Show Flyer
Radio Iodine the Bottleneck. October 18, 1997 Show Flyer
Everclear w/ Our Lady Peace and Letters To Cleo Liberty Hall. October 30, 1997. This is a rather small venue, so the mega-lights show that Everclear put on was kind of wasted. But it was a good show. I hadn't slept for about thirty-six hours, so I slept during OLP. I wouldn't do that now, since I like them now, but back then I didn't and I was tired. Chuck was there, and after the show I realized a dream of mine, and that was to meet Kay Hanley. Yes, I got to meet the lead singer of Letters To Cleo, so I was happy. Many people were out back trying to get Everclear's autographs when a car pulled into the alley. Someone jumped on the car and the driver got out and started yelling "That's it! Everybody out! One person ruined it for everyone else! Go home!" The crowd just kind of looked at her and one guy yells "Ma'am, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to kiss my ass!".
Veruca Salt w/ Fig Dish the Granada. November 8, 1997 They didn't play an encore. I felt cheated.
Ben Folds Five w/ Travis the Granada. November 19, 1997 Met a drunk woman and her friend while waiting in line. Then saw them in the show. She offered to buy me a beer and was hitting on me something fierce. I calmly declined and moved away. Somehow I ended up with my ear right next to a speaker. It hurt. Good show though.
The Deftones w/ Limp Bizkit Liberty Hall. December 12, 1997 Rarely do you see the entire crowd move and dance with the headlining band. At this show, the entire crowd was one big mosh pit for the opening band. I had no idea Limp Bizkit was so popular. Good show, but the Deftones kicked their ass! Man, it was awesome! I went to this one with Avery, because Rodney wasn't too excited about it and didn't go. Avery smoked pot with some guy he just met there. So, I smelled marijuana again. Show Flyer
The Lazer's Clubhouse Christmas featuring the Urge, Goldfinger, K's Choice, Limp Bizkit, Bloodhound Gang, Buck O' Nine, and Ruskabank Memorial Hall. December 19, 1997 First, read Rodney's take on the show. While waiting in line to go into the show, Jessica (Rodney's ex-girlfriend) whom he hates going to shows with, exchanged her balcony ticket and like thirty dollars for a floor ticket. Rodney got sort of upset about this, because a) he bought her that ticket and b) he didn't want her on the floor, because he hates going to shows with her. But she said she did it "to be with him"... though we barely saw her during the show. Oh, and she smoked up with some guy. That didn't go over too well. But, the show was good. I went primarily to see Goldfinger... and during their performance I got busted in the head by a crowd surfer. I almost passed out, so I left the pit and bought some four dollar water and watched the rest of the performance from the back. I didn't see the person who hit me, but I hope he/she got hurt too, the bastard. We left before the Urge, cause we didn't really want to see them or fight the traffic. This was the fifth show I went to that Theryn went to as well, and neither of us knew we would soon be dating. Of course, I knew she was at this show, since she was with Ben... her boyfriend at the time... Oh yeah! And she drove us home - we were in my car. I was still out of it because of the fucking crowd surfer. Show Flyer
NOFX w/ the Gadjits, and Snuff the Granada. January 20, 1998. Went with Rodney and the Evil One. Went primarily for the Gadjits. Now, don't get me wrong, I like NOFX, but I like the Gadjits more and so I left around the middle of the NOFX set. When they started farting into the mic, I left. I had never heard Snuff, but I really really liked them.
Reel Big Fish w/ Supernova and My Superhero the Granada. February 18, 1998. This was the first show I went to at which I was with my future wife, and hey, she was my girlfriend. This was the night, I believe, that Ben decided it was at least tolerable that Theryn and I were dating. He moshed through the whole concert. When we came out of the building, he was steaming. Like a pot of boiling water. It was funny. Good show too. My Superhero was awesome. Show Flyer
Blink 182 w/ the Bubble Boys, the Aquabats, and the Mr. T Experience Liberty Hall. February 23, 1998. Originally, I was supposed to go to this show with my Punk Rock Goddess, Nancy. But, seeing as how it was on a Monday night, she couldn't make it. Then Theryn was going to go, but she couldn't make it either. So, I ended up selling my extra ticket to Avery. Yay. What a trade off. Avery instead of one of two beautiful women. Oh well. MTX was awesome, as were the Bubble Boys and Aquabats. Blink disappointed me tho. I don't know if I was expecting too much, or if they just played a shitty set, but it wasn't anything spectacular. I mean, it was a good show, it just lacked something... Show Flyer
Danger Bob the Bottleneck. March 29, 1998.
Majority Whore the Bottleneck. March 30, 1998. Open mic night at the Bottleneck and my friends are supposed to play. But somehow they weren't on the list. "We'll squeeze you in" they're told. So after this really weird band... the Fabulous Motorcycles or some shit... my friends got to play. It was around midnight, and few people were there. It was Rodney and Avery on stage, me, Avery's brother, Rodney's ex-psycho, one of Avery's goons, the bartender, the door guy, and two or three drunk people at the bar. They played a good set, though. And hey, they were playing on the same stage as Goldfinger and Guttermouth! I got to go up and help sing on "Fuck You", so it was extra cool. Show Flyer
The Specials w/ the Pilfers the Granada. April 6, 1998. Show Flyer
Save Ferris w/ Hagfish and Homegrown the Bottleneck. April 7, 1998. Show Flyer
Gadjits, Exit 159 the Bottleneck. May 7, 1998.
Danger Bob the Bottleneck. May 14, 1998.
Suicide Machines w/ Assorted Jellybeans the Bottleneck. May 30, 1998.
Harvey Danger w/ G.I.O. the Bottleneck. June 4, 1998. At this show, I was hanging out with four or five Lazer DJs and Rodney. And one DJs sister. And dammit, for the life of me I can't remember either of their names. And the Lazer's web page hasn't been updated in the "Jocks" area for a while it appears. Oh well. The point is, it was cool, and her sister was supa-dupa-fine! She was being hit-on right and left. She was a definite wow.
Dot Fest featuring Goldfinger, Everclear, Marcy Playground, the Urge, Fastball, Reverend Horton Heat, more. Ankney Airfield in Des Moines, IA. June 12, 1998. Rodney, Ben, and I drove 500 miles to see Goldfinger. And we almost missed them. We stayed with my sister's Grinnell roommate at her parents house the night before and after. Their basement was like an apartment! Computer, bed, t.v. and a bar! It was sweet. We dicked around long enough the day of the show so that we had to hurry to catch Goldfinger. We only missed about five or so minutes of their set. It was cool. Marcy Playground sucks. And Everclear played a really bad set. Maybe it was cause they were in Iowa...?
Lilith Fair featuring... well, all I really cared about is the fact that Natalie Merchant headlined. Sandstone Ampitheatre. July 2, 1998. This was such an awesome show! Ben and I met up with Melissa, a friend of ours, and even tho our "reserved seats" were only about six rows from the lawn, it was very cool. Natalie Merchant is such an amazing woman.
Pre-Warped Tour Party featuring The Aquabats, Bouncing Souls and some other bands I didn't get there in time to see. Granada, July 13th, 1998. I wasn't going to go to this show, and I probably shouldn't have. But I did, because I really needed a show that night, and I enjoyed myself while I was there... to some extent. Rodney, Jacque and Amy were there. It was a good show. Yeah.
1998 Vans Warped Tour featuring Rancid, Bad Religion, Frenzal Rhomb, NOFX, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Specials, Save Ferris, MXPX, Deftones, Civ, Ozomatli, Slackers, No Use For A Name, Fu Man Chu, H2O, Unwritten Law, 98 Mute, The Smooths, Reverend Horton Heat, Snapcase, Atomic Fireballs, All, Wank, plus more I think. Birchum Park. July 19, 1998 .. Unwritten Law put on such a kick ass show! UL was definitely the highlight of the Warped Tour this year. I almost passed out afterwards, but that could be due to the fact that it was fucking hot and i hadn't eaten anything. I was in front, Jacque was in front of me holding onto the barrier, and I had my arms under hers holding on as well. I got bruises on my hands from that damned barrier. I almost caught a drum stick, it bounced off my right hand, then my left hand then onto the ground behind the barrier. Some guy went head first after it, so you know, he showed more commitment than I so I didn't kick his ass and take it. Show Flyer
Nobodys, Queers, the Breakups, and Chixdiggit the Bottleneck. July 30, 1998. This show pretty much kicked ass. Chixdiggit had bus trouble, so they weren't there. The Breakups sucked. The Nobodys, who I went specifically to see, kicked so much ass. They took like only two breaks their entire set. It was awesome. Then Jacque and I were hungry so we left Rodney to watch the Queers. Show Flyer
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult the Granada. August 7, 1998. Okay, so for some reason the opening bands didn't play. So we got to sit for 3 and a half hours listening to techno. Now, don't get me wrong, I like techno... but in little amounts. Three and a half hours of it is way too much. So, finally about a half hour before they were originally supposed to be finished playing, Thrill Kill Kult came on. I love their music. It relies to much on samples, however, to make them a good live band. I don't know if they were trying to but they looked like a bad big-hair eighties band. Oh well, I got the tickets for free.
Blink 182 w/ MXPX and Homegrown Liberty Hall. August 14, 1998. I didn't go to this show, unfortunately. I was in Parsons, KS with my girlfriend celebrating our six month anniversary. I did, however, hear that Homegrown kicked some serious ass, and that MXPX was good. It was said that Blink spent too much time fucking around with the crowd between songs. I would have enjoyed that. I like it when a band plays the crowd.
Spirit Fest featuring 8 Degrees, Julia Surrendered, Gadjits, Frogpond, and Local H. Liberty Memorial in Kansas City. September 6, 1998. Frogpond kicked so much ass it isn't even funny. Rodney and I went to this one. We found it by accident, and we almost go lost going home. Other than that it was a good experience.
Jayhawk Music Festival 1998 featuring Reel Big Fish, Everclear, Wilco, 2 Skinee J's, the Pharcyde, Incubus, and more. Clinton Lake State Park. September 12, 1998. I'd slept only 3 hours, it was hot, and RBF played a shitty set. But it was a good concert, I suppose.
Ani DiFranco w/ Weeping Tile the Lied Centre in Lawrence, KS. October 4, 1998. Yeah, so on my way over to Ben's dorm room - to get my ticket and go with him and Anne - I get caught in some flooding. I thought I'd see Noah float by, there was so much water. Anyway, so I get to the intersection by Burge Union and it's a lake, and I knew my engine was about to die, so I pull into the parking lot. Engine dies. I'm like, shit. I get it started, thinking I could pull it into a parking spot. Lo and behold, the engine dies, power steering and brakes lock up, and I'm still rolling on an incline towards a tree. Luckily the curb stopped me before the tree did. So a guy passing by helps me out of the car, since there was water up to my door, and I proceed to walk up the hill to Ben's dorm. I get there, soaked, and tell Ben I need a phone, a towel and his key if his door is locked. We go to his room, I call my mother, tell her what's up with the car, and Ben - being the awesome guy that he was - loans me some dry socks and shoes. So we go to the concert, which was awesome. I mean, I'd never seen Ani in concert, and didn't know very many of her songs, but I had a kick ass time - even though I was still soaking wet. After the show, it had stopped raining, and we went back to my car and it started. Yeah. So it was an interesting night.
Dishwalla w/ some other lame band the Granada. November 13, 1998. 'Twas only $5 and Theryn wanted to go. We met Chuck there and it pretty much sucked.
Garbage w/ Girls vs. Boys Memorial Hall. November 20, 1998. Hell fucking yeah! This was such an awesome show! Girls Against Boys fucking rocked. I had never really heard any of their music save a few songs played on the radio, but they're fucking great live! Then Garbage got on stage and kicked some serious ass. Shirley was up there looking all fine and singing like a goddess. It was awesome. They filmed a video at the show, so Ben, Theryn, and I might be in the new Garbage video. We drove the Pinto up to KC, which in itself was an adventure. We ended up getting a kick ass parking spot and a good spot up front to the left of the stage. It was deafening, but well worth it. And there were very few crowd surfers. That fact alone would make it an enjoyable show. Someone threw something on stage early during the Garbage set, and after the song Shirley was all "If you see anyone throw anything on stage, tell me. Just tell me. I'm in a bad fucking mood, I'm on my period, I'm bleeding and I'm sick. I'm in no mood to stand up here and have things thrown at me." This produced mass applause and cheering, and nothing else was thrown on stage. After the show, they were giving away that Pepsi One shit. I had one, because I don't think it tastes that bad. Theryn downed one because it was liquid and it was free, and Ben did the same - with four of them. He was one thirsty motherfucker. Then we went back to the car and drove home. A fun night, I must say.
Danger Bob the Bottleneck. November 27, 1998. This was a pretty cool show. Before this show, I didn't know why Rodney was such a big fan of Danger Bob. I mean, I liked them alright, but I couldn't fathom his fanaticism. But at this show I saw why. I don't know what it was about the show, but it was damned good. Congratulations, Danger Bob, you've got another fan.
Henry Rollins, spoken word the Unity Temple in Kansas City, MO. January 29, 1999. Aw yeah. Henry Rollins is awesome! Theryn, a friend of ours named Kim, Rodney, Ben, and I went to this one. None of us knew where Unity Temple was, so we got directions from one of Theryn's ex-roommates who lived in KC. So we get to where we think we're supposed be, but the landmarks that she gave us aren't too visible. So we drive around for about twenty minutes, and finally stop to ask some cops if they knew where it was. They asked if we had an address, we said no, they said they couldn't help us. I thought a cop would at least know the general vicinity where the Unity Temple was. But no, so as we're driving away, Ben looks on his ticket and lo and behold - there was an address. We get on a street that the directions say the place is supposed to be, and after about ten minutes of driving and looking at addresses, we find it. I hate going into churches, but that's where this was being held, so I had to suck it up. It was an awesome show, and by the end my sides hurt from laughing so much. On the way out of the parking garage, I got behind a car with a license plate from Douglas County(aka the county including Lawrence) and follow it. Luckily, the person driving was going back to Lawrence, so we found our way home. It was an interesting night.
Frogpond w/ The Anniversary and Reflector the Bottleneck. March 5, 1999. For a very detailed description of this show, go to Ben's Frogpond Email.
MU330 the Bottleneck. March 19, 1999.
Frogpond Some place in Manhattan, KS. April 1, 1999. This was actually the first CD release party for Ultimate Fakebook's "This Will Be Laughing Week", but we went to see Frogpond. It was an awesome show. Saw that same big-smile-girl and her boyfriend.
Majority Whore the Bottleneck. April 5, 1999.
Natalie Merchant Memorial Hall. April 13, 1999. I'm going to try and describe the indescribable. This woman just totally amazes me. I've only seen her three times, and each time - wow. Theryn, Ben, and I all went. We had second row seats. She started with Ophelia, obviously and wow. I can't even put it into words. There were these young girls there, and I guess it was one of their 18th birthdays. They told Natalie that and she got a bottle of water and Natalie sand "Life is Beautiful" and dedicated it to her. Oh, and she asked people not to smoke, which was very cool. I cannot wait to see her again.
Ani DiFranco w/ Drums & Tuba The Midland Theatre in Kansas City, MO. April 30, 1999. This was a pretty cool show. Ani is awesome. But I must say that the best parts of this show were A) The comfy chairs B)all the cute girls and C) Jackie!
Day on the Hill featuring Hum, Frogpond, Son Venezuela, Panel Donor and a couple other bands. Campanile Hill, University of Kansas. May 1, 1999. Day on the Hill is a free concert put on every year by Student Union Activities at KU. Frogpond for free - you can't beat that with a stick. Plus, it was a really nice day outside. We were pictured in the Pitch Weekly as "Frogpond fans".
Majority Whore the Bottleneck. May 3, 1999. This was by far the worst show MW has ever put on, but it still rocked. The tech guy was a jackass, Avery seemed to be stoned out of his mind, Rodney's mic didn't work (again), and Tony... well, Tony's just Tony. It was a good show anyway. Too bad this show had the most people at it.
Cake and Ben Folds Five w/ Jude Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, MO. June 2, 1999. I really wanted to go to this show but I wasn't going to pay $20 to see it. Luckily, Ben was at my house and won tickets from the Lazer. So, he took me - I mean hey, it was my phone. When we got there there was this big thing with a blue tarp over it sort of obstructing our view. We didn't complain, though. After all, this was a free show. I guess other people in our row actually paid for their tickets, because the Starlight people said they wanted us to be able to enjoy the show so they upgraded everyone in our row's seats. We ended up being only like ten or fifteen rows from the stage. It was awesome! Ben Folds Five kicked serious ass - minus the drooling of Ben Folds. And Cake was awesome even though they got pissed about the lighting at one point and threatened to stop the show. I guess the lighting problem was fixed because they played on. It was an awesome show. Oh, and Ben got to see Katie, so he was happy.
Danger Bob CD Release Party w/ Dragqueen and Lushbox the Bottleneck. June 12, 1999. Rodney dragged me to yet another Danger Bob show. And yet again, I enjoyed myself. Theryn fell asleep before the Bob got on stage, so I sent her home. Crazy. Anyway, Lushbox's lead singer is SO FINE! That's the best thing about them though. I mean, they're good... in that second-Sleeper-album kind of way. You know, the first Sleeper album kicked ass, and the second was okay, but it wasn't near the quality of the first. Dragqueen was fucking awesome! Punk rock! And that bass player! Oy! She didn't seem to either realize or care that she was wearing a very short skirt. She had incredible legs, and she knew it. She was doing all she could to show them off. I didn't mind. Anyway, they kicked ass. And Danger Bob did too. They seemed genuinely happy to be there. A lot of bands seem to enjoy themselves on stage, but it's more like a job to them. Danger Bob was grateful to be there and they were having a good fucking time on stage. It was refreshing.
Frogpond w/ Ultimate Fakebook and Podstar the Bottleneck. June 18, 1999. Here is the story of this show.
Creature Comforts and Lushbox the Granada. June 20, 1999. You can find this story here.
Rollins Band the Bottleneck. July 11, 1999. This show kicked so much ass. I can't really articulate how much ass it kicked. If you have a chance to go see Rollins Band, do so!
Social Chaos Tour featuring T.S.O.L., The Business, Sloppy Seconds, and many more. Liberty Hall. July 18, 1999. Go here to read about it.
Showoff, Everclear, and Citizen King Memorial Hall. July 27, 1999. Showoff was awesome, the rest sucked. It was a Coke promotion and it was free. The only good thing out of it was hearing Showoff for the first time.
Dragqueen the Bottleneck. August 15, 1999. This was an awesome show! Dragqueen rocks. Rodney was drunk from the party we were at so it was extra fun to watch him be all drunk at a show. We ran into the infamous Sarah when Rodney went into the JB to pee. She's pretty cool.
Ensign w/ Esoteric the Bottleneck. October 1, 1999. God damn this show was awesome! I have more to say about it here.
GOLDFINGER w/ Showoff, Bloodhound Gang, and the Hippos the Center Stage in Topeka, KS. October 5, 1999. For the story of my sixth Goldfinger concert, go here!
Frogpond w/ Red and the Shiela Devine the Bottleneck. October 8, 1999.
AFI w/ Sick Of It All the Bottleneck. October 12, 1999. This show was pretty fucking cool. I wasn't too sure about AFI, but now I am. They're awesome.
GOLDFINGER w/ Allister, Bloodhound Gang, and the Hippos Some place in St. Louis, MO. October 17, 1999. For the report from this show and the Frogpond show on the 8th, go here.
I'm sure I went to shows inbetween these two, but since this Goldfinger show we've gone to a lot of shows that weren't really big, and I've slacked off on putting them on here, so there might be a show or two I went to, but didn't put here. 4/6/00
Anti-Fest featuring Mi6, Strictly For Rent, & Kill Co. the Bottleneck. December 30, 1999.
Creature Comforts, Elevator Division the Bottleneck. January 8, 2000.
Frogpond the Bottleneck. January 15, 2000. Show Flyer
Get Up Kids w/ Ultimate Fakebook and the Revolvers the El Torreon somewhere in Kansas City. February 18, 2000. Show Flyer
Dragqueen w/ the Shaef Dogs the Bottleneck. March 16, 2000.
The Donnas w/ the Smugglers and the Plus Ones the Bottleneck. March 30, 2000.
Dragqueen Gee Coffee in Kansas City, KS. April 7, 2000.
Smashing Pumpkins Memorial Hall. April 8, 2000. For the story of this show and the show previous, go here.
Goldfinger w/ Showoff, Midtown, and the Feds The Granada. May 17, 2000. For the story of this show, go here. Show Flyer
Goldfinger w/ Midtown and Grasshopper Takeover The Ranch Bowl in Omaha, NE. May 19, 2000. For the story of this show, go here. Show Flyer
No Doubt w/ Lit Sandstone Ampitheatre. July 13, 2000. No Doubt rules!
Less Than Jake w/ a couple other bands that I can't remember the Bottleneck. July 27, 2000.
Ultimate Fakebook w/ Creature Comforts and Ashtray Babyhead the Bottleneck. July 28, 2000. All three of these bands look the same. It's kind of freaky...
Queers, Strung Out, Straight Faced, Dynamite Boy the Bottleneck. August 3, 2000. Show Flyer
Suicide Machines, Less Than Jake, One Man Army, Pollen El Torreon. August 23, 2000. Setlist
Face to Face, Saves the Day, Newfound Glory Ranch Bowl. September 18, 2000. Show Flyer
The Capsules (Shallow minus one band member) the Bottleneck. September 30, 2000.
Dragqueen, Holis, Death Ray Angels Davey's Uptown in Westport. October 7, 2000. Show Flyer
Dragqueen, Robico and the Death Ray Angels The Hurricane in Westport. October 31, 2000.
Dar Williams Liberty Hall. November 1, 2000. I went to this show because Theryn got a ticket for her birthday from Ben. I ended up having a pretty good time, though. Show Flyer
New Found Glory, Fenix TX, Good Charlotte the Bottleneck. November 9, 2000.
Ultimate Fakebook, the Anniversary, Hot Rod Circuit the Bottleneck. November 10, 2000.
MU330, Ruskabank, Climber the Bottleneck. November 15, 2000.
Dragqueen, Transforming Apollo, 15 Minutes Fast the Hurricane. November 22, 2000. After this show Theryn, Rodney and I went home while Chuck went to jail. Show Flyer
AFI, Distillers, Not Waving But Drowning the Bottleneck. November 26, 2000.
Dragqueen, Robico and the Death Ray Angels the Bottleneck. December 29, 2000. Show Flyer
Green Day, The Get Up Kids Hale Arena in Kansas City. January 26, 2001. This show was kinda lame, but I'm glad I did finally get to see Green Day play.
Dragqueen, Mi6, other bands the Bottleneck. February 2, 2001. I got sick and had to leave before Dragqueen finished playing. Show Flyer
Royal Crown Revue Yardley Hall, JCCC. February 10, 2001.
Face to Face, H20, the Explosion, Snapcase the Granada. February 21, 2001. Show Flyer
Goldfinger, Mest Gale-Bullman Multipurpose Building at the University of Missouri, Rolla. March 17, 2001. Number 10! Goldfinger rocks as much as ever! Woo!
Henry Rollins Spoken Word Liberty Hall. March 24, 2001 Show Flyer
AFI, Not Waving But Drowning, the Fonzerellies Knickerbockers in Lincoln, NE. April 6, 2001. We spent more time on the drive up there than we did in the city itself. It was still fun.
Ultimate Fakebook the Bottleneck. April 14, 2001 Show Flyer
The Queers w/ Teen Idols, Bubble Boys, Pinhead Circus & Mr Machine the Bottleneck. April 30, 2001. I met Jay of The Grand Prixx and the Prozacs at this show. I know of them through Sarah, my sister's cool punk roommate who is good friends with them and goes to school with their guitar player. Jay worked the merch booth for the Queers on this tour and so he e-mailed me to let me know he was coming and we met up. He got me in and gave me the hook-up. First thing he did was introduce me to Joe Queer. It was fucking awesome. The Prixx are coming through at the end of July - looks like Columbia, MO is the closest they'll be playing. I'm so there. I can't wait to see them play. Anyway, I got really into the Teen Idols at that show. I'd never heard them before but I spent the last of my cash to buy their cd and it fucking rules.
Danger Bob reunion show w/ the Bubble Boys the Bottleneck. May 19, 2001. Two bands I never thought I'd see play again. Very good show.
Vans Warped Tour 2001 w/ Less Than Jake, the Vandals, h2o, Bouncing Souls, AFI, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, and a bunch of other bands that I didn't watch. Sandstone's parking lot. July 10, 2001.
Goldfinger w/ Reel Big Fish, Zebrahead and Homegrown Uptown Theatre in KC. July 26, 2001. Great show, backstage, bitching, lights on, broken into, I-35
Goldfinger w/ Reel Big Fish, Homegrown, and the Movie Life The Pagent in St. Louis. August 5, 2001. Had we known this was going to be the last time we would see Goldfinger with Charlie as a member, maybe we wouldn't have sat in the balcony. As it was, we did and it was an awesome view. It was one of the best performances I've seen. We were basically over the stage on the side and Charlie climbed up on the speakers and shook Rodney's hand. It was really cool.
Andy Bob, Tawni Freeland, and some other hippies "Unplugged". The Bottleneck. August 22, 2001.
Climber w/ some other bands The Bottleneck. August 28, 2001. I sent away for their new ep and they sent it to me along with my check. I filled it out wrong. So I sent them one filled out correctly and they sent me another cd. I held on to it until this show and told them the story and tried to give it back. They told me to keep it and give it to a friend. I gave it to Ben, though I don't think he's listened to it. They also signed my copy and I got to talk to them. It was cool. Show Flyer
The Capsules The Replay. October 25, 2001.
Showoff, Fairview, Further Seems Forever, National Fire Theory El Torreon. October 28, 2001. There were only like 30 people who stayed for Showoff. It was a good show overall. They played The Anti-Song for me and Chris came up afterwards and told me happy birthday and hugged me. Show Flyer
Bouncing Souls, Flogging Molly, One Man Army, Madcap the Granada. October 29, 2001. I cannot say enough good things about Flogging Molly. I hadn't heard them before this show and they blew me away. Fucking awesome! The rest of the show was good, too, but man. Wow.
Ruskabank, Pomeroy, Shudderbug the Beaumont Club in KC. January 4, 2002. Okay, so I went with Niki to see this show because she wanted someone to go with her. I bought her dinner since she drove from KC to get me in Lawrence, to the club, back to Lawrence, and then back to her home in KC. It was an experience! I didn't know the Beaumont was a country bar - complete with mechanical bull. We played pool on a Jack Daniel's pool table and drank $4 beers. Fun! Show Flyer
Casket Lottery, Saved By Grace, some others the Bottleneck. January 5, 2002. Luke's going away party, though he's not going to Chicago as soon as he thought, since he put a cinder block through the window of Einstein Bros. Show Flyer
Ruskabank, O'Phil, Diversion 4.0, Stop Go Ethic the Bottleneck. January 11, 2002. Show Flyer
Ultimate Fakebook, Creature Comforts, the Kicks the Bottleneck. January 19, 2002. Show Flyer
H2O, Mest, Bigwig, Amazing Transparent Man the Bottleneck. January 29, 2002. Show Flyer
Ultimate Fakebook the Bottleneck. February 1, 2002.
Climber, Mi6, Jeremy's Box the Bottleneck. February 7, 2002. I ended up taking Climber home! Read about it here! Show Flyer
Ultimate Fakebook, Jade Raven the El Torreon. February 8, 2002.
Ultimate Fakebook, Schazti the Bottleneck. March 22, 2002. Show Flyer
Ultimate Fakebook, Schazti 7th Heaven (record store). March 23, 2002.
Face to Face, Thrice, Midtown, The Movielife the Ranch Bowl. April 6, 2002. Me and Rodney with Trever from F2F.
Flogging Molly, The Slackers, Avoid One Thing the Granada. May 3, 2002.
Goldfinger, The Used, Riddlin' Kids Sokol Auditorium in Omaha, NE. May 21, 2002. I don't really think I want to try and sum it up better than Rodney, so here's what happened in his words: "Goldfinger rocked the hizowz last night. We first got there and we [were not] too impressed with the 'no camera' policy, and the $20 for everything [and the no new cds] merch tables, but as soon as the Riddlin' Kids took stage my whole mood changed. I was tired and feeling old 'cause the crowds at G.F. shows nowadays are young. But, the music always gets me in the mood. We had a pretty good spot, although it was right in front of the stacks. The Used was good, but it was the loudest thing i had ever heard in my life. I had never had to watch a band with my finger in my ear before... [Goldfinger] took forever setting up, as usual. Darrin had a new drum set with Itchy & Scratchy on the bass drum, and around the set were lawn gnomes and lit up lawn deer. Mr. Feldmann seemed a little angrier than usual, jumping in the crowd on the second song, storming around the stage, and throwing his guitar up in the air to land on...whatever it landed on. Some kid jumped into the crowd from the balcony. That was cool. They played [well], the new guitar player was cool, but he was no Charlie. Some kid got on stage and ate a Twinkie out of Darrins ass, and at some point Jesus Christ himself took the stage and had a chat with Feldy. Pretty awesome show. My ears now have permanent feedback."
Vans Warped Tour Sandstone. June 27, 2002. I wasn't going to go because it was too expensive, I had a test at 1, and a class at 7. Then the class got cancelled, I took the test in 20 minutes, and I "found" some money, plus Mia wanted to go so I said "Fuck it" and went. We got there about 3pm and headed over to see the second half of Flogging Molly's set. Then walked around and looked through most of the tents. We saw Thrice because she wanted to, and heard RBF even though we were standing in line to meet Flogging Molly while they played. Watched Anti-Flag, some Lagwagon, some Good Charlotte. The coolest was Flogging Molly and meeting Summer from Livejournal. A fun day overall.
Natalie Merchant Sandstone. June 28, 2002.
Goldfinger w/ Good Riddance, Mest, and Last Ride Out Liberty Hall. July 10, 2002.
Ultimate Fakebook w/ Lucky Boys Confusion and The People the Bottleneck. July 19, 2002.
Goldfinger w/ Big Blue Monkey and some other band the Pageant in St. Louis. August 6, 2002. I went with Broc to this show. It was an alright show, but it was weird being there without Rodney - he had to work the next day or something. This put me up two shows on him.
Goldfinger with Big Blue Monkey and some other band 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. August 12, 2002. Goldfinger just happened to be playing in DC while we were going to be vacationing there. This was my sixteenth show.
Ultimate Fakebook w/ some bands I didn't see the Bottleneck. August 23, 2002.
GCT Trio 8th Street Taproom, Lawrence, KS. September 11, 2002. My boss and friend Aaron played in a jazz band. I like Aaron and I like jazz, so I went! Show Flyer
Flogging Molly with Andrew W.K. the Beaumont. October 21, 2002.
Henry Rollins Spoken Word Liberty Hall. January 19, 2003.
Neko Case, Catherine Erwin & one other the Bottleneck. February 8, 2003.
Flogging Molly The Blue Note in Columbia, MO. March 20, 2003.
The Belles, The Stereo, Old Canes the Bottleneck. April 1, 2003.
Goldfinger w/ Story of the Year, some other bands I didn't see. the Blue Note. June 3, 2003. #17 Show Flyer
The Slackers Uncle Fester's, Bloomington, IN. October 2, 2003.
Henry Rollins spoken word Murat Egyptian Room in Indianapolis, IN. February 17, 2004.
Pennywise with Guttermouth, Stretch Arm Strong, and Bleed the Dream House of Blues in Chicago, IL. February 27, 2004.
Ultimate Fakebook farewell show with The Movie Life and Schatzi the Bottleneck. March 6, 2004. Photos from this show can be found here.
Butterfly Boucher with Griffin House Birdy's in Indianapolis, IN. September 28, 2004.
Flogging Molly with a bunch of bands we missed. Beaumont Club. October 12th, 2004. Went to this with Nick and Tanya while visiting Lawrence. Rockin'.
Goldfinger with the Start Bogarts in Cincinnati, OH. February 25, 2005. #18
Goldfinger with the Start House of Blues in Chicago, IL. March 1, 2005. #19
The Queers Rhino's in Bloomington, IN. August 5, 2005. Show Flyer
The Aquabats with the Eyeliners Rhino's. August 13th, 2005. Show Flyer
Naked Sunday Kilroy's on Kirkwood in Bloomington, IN. February 15, 2006.
The Ditty Bops Gaslight Tavern in Lawrence, KS. July 21, 2006.
Midnight Theatre The Bottleneck. September 1, 2006.
Less Than Jake with The Loved Ones and Catch 22 The Granada. October 14, 2006. I've only seen Less Than Jake a handful of times and this was the first time that I knew more than one album, all of which added to the experience. It was one of the best shows I've been to. They played fan favorites all night. There was only one song I wish they had played but didn't - How's My Driving. I was most excited to hear The Science of Selling Yourself Short live. I hadn't seen LTJ since before I found that I loved their Anthem album so I hadn't seen it live yet and damn, it was good. They played it in their encore - I was so afraid they weren't going to but then all of the sudden - bam, they were playing it. It was sweet.
The Black Keys The Granada. December 2, 2006.
The Prairie Acre Replay Lounge. May 11th (ish) 2007.
Less Than Jake w/ Reel Big Fish & Streetlight Manifesto Uptown Theatre. July 3, 2007. Click here for a run down of this show.
Third Eye Blind Uptown Theatre. August 4, 2007. Finally! Click here for a run down of this amazing show.
Goldfinger w/ Less Than Jake, Big D & The Kid's Table, and some other band. Sokol Auditorium. July 5, 2008. #20
Third Eye Blind w/ Low vs. Diamond Uptown Theatre. June 4, 2009.
Danger Bob reunion w/ The Bubble Boys The Bottleneck. October 17, 2009. I went mostly 'cause I heard The Bubble Boys were going to do a set, too. Went with Rodney and discovered that I wish I'd been more into Danger Bob when they were still around.
Cake Sandstone Ampitheatre. September 25, 2010. I bought tickets with Rodney a long time before the show - it was a Buzz sponsored show. It was raining until I actually got to the show and then we all just sat there in the cold being miserable. Cake played and I left - once again leaving before the Smashing Pumpkins played.
Less Than Jake w/ The Supervillains and two other bands I didn't see. the Granada. February 12, 2011. I had wanted to go to this show for a while, but then a friend's birthday party and seeing another friend's improv show in Bonner Springs, KS were also planned for this night. Ended up being able to do all three. Worked out well as I only had to watch one opening band before LTJ.
Face to Face w/ Strung Out and Blitzkid the Granada. July 10, 2011. Reunion show that should have been at the Bottleneck. There were maybe 150 people there, which in a space like the Granada, made the crowd seem really, really small. Good show, as always from F2F.
Fun. w/ Garbage and the Silversun Pickups Berkley Riverfront Park. August 8, 2012. Michelle and I had just started dating. It rained on us the way there and instead of standing in the rain and mud to get our will-call tickets, Michelle drove on the grass right up to the will-call booth. We waited out the rain and made it in time to see the whole Garbage show, though it was a bit abbreviated 'cause Shirley stopped in the middle of a song to tend to some asshole in the crowd. First time I saw Fun. live and I fell in love.
Sleigh Bells w/ AraabMuzik the Granada. October 23, 2012. Not really my jam, but I went to support Michelle and SUA.
Fun. Jesse Auditorium. November 16, 2012. We liked them so much we went to see them again. Michelle still had connections at Mizzou so we were able to get in for free to see the show. I hated being in Columbia, but I wasn't going to pass up a free Fun. show.
Everclear w/ Live, Filter, and Sponge Sandstone Ampitheatre. July 28, 2013.
Haim the Granada. October 10, 2013. This was one of Michelle's shows with SUA. I listened to their first album enough to know it well when I was there. Good times.
Reel Big Fish w/ Suburban Legends the Granada. January 13, 2014.
Third Eye Blind w/ Dashboard Confessional Uptown Theatre. July 6, 2015. Consistently disappointed at the lack of respect for Ursa Major. Always a good show, though.
Jack's Mannequin w/ She Is We the Granada. January 24, 2016. Went for Michelle - she's really into the singer from Jack's Mannequin. She Is We was really good and I did enjoy JM.
Third Eye Blind w/ Bad Bad Hats Liberty Hall. March 21, 2016. My sister Rachel came to town from Boston to see this show with me. It was amazing to have 3EB in our hometown!
Third Eye Blind w/ The Strive KC Power and Light in Kansas City, MO. July 8, 2016.
Reel Big Fish w/ PPL MVR Liberty Hall. October 28, 2016. RBF on my birthday! PPL MVR was strangely good.
Third Eye Blind w/ the Strumbellas, Judah and the Lion, and Night Riots Midland Theatre. December 16, 2016. Went with my friends Drew and Jennifer. Another great show and Judah and the Lion really impressed me.
Ultimate Fakebook the Bottleneck. February 24, 2017. Bunch of other bands, too. Fundraiser for Megan's Dagan. #daganisrad Saw Kristen for the first time in AGES. She still looks amazing as ever.
Face to Face the Bottleneck. June 4, 2017. Went with Rodney. They played some oooooooold cuts. It was great. We're old.
Third Eye Blind Hollywood Ampitheatre in St. Louis, MO. July 11, 2017. 20th anniversary tour for their first album and St. Louis was as close as they came to us. Drove to St. Louis and then up to Michigan for Justin and Kristin's wedding and then back to St. Louis for the show. Played a few newer songs then the entire first album. We were upgraded from lawn to actual seats. Wasn't too hot in the shade. Good times.
Poison w/ Cheap Trick Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO. May 25, 2018. Went with my buddy Kevin as he's probably one of the few friends who would appreciate the show as much as I did, though he went for Cheap Trick. My 11 year-old self was over the moon to finally see Poison live.
Macklemore and Kesha w/ Wes Period Sprint Center. June 26, 2018. Michelle found that cheap tickets were available the night before the show so we figured, "Why not?" The answer is, "Because we're old and will be super tired the next day." However, I'm finding it was worth it as it was a fun show. Macklemore is one hell of a showman.
Descendents w/ Ultimate Fakebook, Pears Liberty Hall. March 10, 2019. Wasn't sure about going but Kevin offered a ticket so I had to go. Got there after the doors opened because I assumed Pears, aka the band I'd never heard of, would play first so I'd arrive just in time to see UFB then the Descendents. Ran into Cody Ross as I entered and he said UFB had already played and the next band was setting up. I'm still pissed that they'd put UFB on first in Lawrence Fucking Kansas of all places. I stood in line for like half an hour because they pat down every patron now. Ugh, it was all annoying. So I watched part of the Pears set and then Kevin got there. Pears was not for me. Descendents were great, but I definitely didn't enjoy the show as much as I would have had I been able to see the band I wanted to see most of all.
Third Eye Blind w/ Jimmy Eat World, Ra Ra Riot Starlight Theatre. June 23, 2019. I was going to skip kickball for this show anyway, but then the game got rained out, at which point Kevin asked if I wanted to go to the show. Since I already had tickets, he gave his second to Elizabeth. I paid for parking already so Kevin drove me, Michelle, and Elizabeth to the show. Ra Ra Riot was not for me, I knew two or three Jimmy Eat World songs, and then 3EB played an amazing set. Definitely in the top three of the eight I've seen. And they finally played something from Ursa Major. And it turned out to be a beautiful, not too hot, rainless night.

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